Fort Wilderness is a little slice of heaven

We purchased our first motorhome in the Spring of 2013. We were already huge fans of all things Disney at that point. So wouldn’t you think we would try to explore Fort Wilderness ASAP?

When we finally stayed at FW during Christmas 2017, we were all three thinking why on earth is this our first camping adventure here? Really, we didn’t even have a good explanation ourselves of this phenomenon. However, as we missed the booking window to stay here for Christmas 2018, THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN. We have another trip planned for the holidays of 2018 (more on that later), but our intention is to make the Christmas to New Year stretch at Fort Wilderness a Sturgill family tradition.

So….what is so special about Fort Wilderness you may ask. I am willing to bet if you are asking that question you have not stayed here. And if you have stayed here but not at Christmas, I encourage you to visit for the holidays.

The decorations at each campsite are just amazing. I don’t think if I took all of the holiday decor that I have currently and anything that I’ve rid of previous to now, would it be half of that on some of the campsites. We had so much fun each night just driving our golf cart around the campground.

But don’t be fooled, if you have a MH or other form of camping, especially if you can get into FW during the holidays, this is the best bang for your buck. It is just a short boat ride to the Magic Kingdom. I mean, you could walk to the Wilderness Lodge or swim to the Contemporary (not really, but…) and the cost of staying at FW is much less than either. But it’s still more quaint and peaceful than the holiday hustle at the hotels.

Holiday 2017, we stayed 8 nights at Fort Wilderness and we will probably stay about that many in our future plans. Tripp’s school calendar is the biggest factor on our plans. Our site was a Full Hook up site in the 2200 loop, provided plenty of space for our 38′ vehicle and if you have a toad, enough space for that as well. We did not bring our toad on this trip, as there is absolutely no need for that vehicle while onsite if you only visit Disney World. All RV sites are paved, some of the Deluxe and Premium sites have larger concrete pads, but we had plenty of space for our outdoor carpet as well as camping chairs.

We did rent a golf cart for this visit (and thus, Roy is now on the market to purchase his own). Our location in 2200 was central to all transportation option; our golf cart trek to the boat ramp for Magic Kingdom or the bus depot to everywhere else was basically equal distance. If you decided not to rent a golf cart, the shuttle stop for the intra-Fort Wilderness transportation was just a short distance from the entrance to the 2200 loop.

My pictures for this post are somewhat lacking, we were honestly so in awe of all the decorations I didn’t even take many pictures. The few lights we had for our site were put to shame within a half stroll around any of the camp loops!!! But we have learned and are eagerly awaiting our next holiday Disney Fort Wilderness adventure in December 2019.

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