State or No State?????

All games in our household have different rules.

We purchased a National Park version of Monopoly on our recent trip to South Dakota and Wyoming, which provided interesting when we played upon our return home. I would have thought Roy and his mother have played by the same rules over the years. I guess not???? All three of us had slight deviations of the rules, Tripp claiming Gaga (what we call my mother-in-law) had different rules than Roy.

Anyhow……we needed to establish some rules to add states onto our U.S. map we affix to the door of Huckleberry Tiffin.

Originally, Tripp said we couldn’t add a sticker until we camped in a state. Roy didn’t like that, especially upon our return from our most recent trip, as he drove ALL THE WAY ACROSS several states. Some he said we wouldn’t be returning to if we could help it.

So, we updated our rules to state that we can add a sticker to the map if we camp, drive all the way across the state or do something notable in the state while on our journeys.

Also, this map is just of our states visited on motorhome journeys. Between the three of us, we only have a handful of states that we have not visited at all. That list is: Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Idaho, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. Not too shabby, but we plan to continue adding those states onto our motorhome map soon. Maybe not Hawaii, though. Not sure how we will manage that one.


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