Wild, Wild West 2018 – Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

Devil’s Tower was originally a planned day trip from our Custer home base, but we decided to add camping in Sheridan, Wyoming for a few nights and opted to stop at the tower on our travel day  between leaving Custer, SD and arriving in Sheridan.

The drive in our MH was doable; however, there is VERY limited parking inside the gates. If you don’t arrive early in the morning, it could be you must wait around for a spot, a task that is certainly not easier in a 38 foot coach with toad.

Huckleberry Tiffin in the lower parking lot, we had to unhitch the car and drive it about 2 miles up to the main parking area with all trailheads. Once we arrived in the main parking lot, we realized there was not an optimal space to park our coach and were glad that the gate attended suggested this option.


Thus far, we experienced pleasant weather. Being accustomed to the Kentucky humidity, we were LOVING the temps in the 70’s plus no humidity! It was a warm day as we hiked around Devil’s Tower, but still nothing compared to what our family was enduring at home. When we were in Mt Rushmore, Tripp wanted to try to climb some of the needle point rocks (aka, Needles Highway was named because of the pointed rocks around the path). The needles were obviously for skilled rockclimbers!! When we arrived at Devil’s Tower, he was delighted to again be able to climb around the outcroppings.


Tripp climbed up the rock formations, to the point that you were no longer allowed to climb without registering at the Visitor Center. He says that rockclimbing will be his next hobby.


Roy and Tripp climbed the rocky base of the tower, while I took the ~1.5 mile trail loop around the base. I was not really interested in losing my footing climbing or running into a rattlesnake. The views around the trail are beautiful.



We saw a 3-person climbing team that day. I don’t know anything about rock climbing, but I do know this monument is pretty much a vertical climb. I’m sure the views that team encountered were beautiful, but I was pretty shaken by that ladder back in the Badlands. Hopefully, Tripp will find someone he can really climb with someday soon!


Devil’s Tower is another site you look at, that simply doesn’t make any sense. It is beautiful and awe worthy; however, we haven’t really found a hypothesis that can explain why this single rock formation is jutting up into the sky. There is a Native American fable that explain the phenomena. After seeing the tower and hiking around it for several hours, we believe the tale is as good as anything of an explanation.

We departed Devil’s Tower after a few hours of exploring, heading on to Sheridan. It was a few hours to drive, but we wanted to get settled in and to bed early so that we would be able to wake up very early the next day for our trek into Yellowstone! Sheridan was another quaint, cute town. We enjoyed a local brewery and dinner at a local restaraunt.

By this time, I’m sure some of you are asking if we actually use our MH kitchen?!?! We do, it’s probably 50/50 for us. We also enjoy finding local eateries and breweries. So, when I don’t specifically mention a meal, it was probably in the comfort of our home on wheels. But, when I do, it’s because we try to scout out local places with some insight from Yelp and spread the love if worth mentioning.


Also, the owner of the Sheridan campground was SOOOO nice! He gave Tripp a neat souvenir, which he now has in his “man cave” at home.


Continuing West, up next Yellowstone National Park! The grand dame of all our National parks!

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