Holiday World & Lake Rudolph campground

The featured image for this post is a reminder to us that Lizzie does a lot of camping, but doesn’t always get to enjoy the full benefit of each trip we take. However, in August 2017 we camped at Lake Rudolph campground in Santa Claus, Indiana; where she fell in love with golf carts!!!! We are currently in the market to purchase one, primarily because Lizzie just adores taking a stroll around any campground We were actually a little surprised, because she is not a fan of any noise. Just look at that face, seriously, she is so happy!!!

We have camped at Lake Rudolph several times, we really like the proximity to home (about a 2 hour drive), we don’t need to haul our Corolla (renting a golf cart gets everyone, including Lizzie, around the campground well and over to Holiday World), lots of activities throughout the campground and it is very, VERY clean.

First, plenty of activities…..

This latest visit, Tripp wanted to take a buddy. So, along came one of his baseball teammates and extended family members.


The afternoon we arrived, the boys swam, enjoyed the campground waterslides, played mini-golf, almost capsized a paddle boat (not kidding, as I was also onboard) and make smores after we grilled out for dinner. Here are some pictures of their various activities just around the campground.



This is where I felt like it was a little dicey, not sure I was going to make it back to shore without being toppled into Lake Rudolph itself.


Because Holiday World is a short golf cart ride away, everyone slept well and prepared to get up for a full day of water slides and roller coasters. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a lot of pictures inside of Holiday World itself, I guess I didn’t want my iPhone to get wet. We did get a picture of the boys at the end of the day, though, when we were leaving the park.


Tripp’s favorite part of Holiday World is all of the water slides. He does like to ride the roller coasters and some other rides; however, would prefers to spend the majority of each day in the Splashin Safari area. They seriously have more water slides there than any other theme park I’ve ever been to. We are already trying to plan a long weekend to Lake Rudolph for Summer 2019, because this park books up pretty fast! That is our tip for this campground…..don’t wait until the last minute to try and book. We missed out for Summer 2018 as a result.

Now, off to check out some golf carts for Lizzie…….

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